Individual Hygiene Box - Step 1

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Individually Wrapped Hygiene Wipes - Step 1

Introducing our Individually Wrapped Hygiene Wipes (Step 1 - Detergent Wipes), a new benchmark in professional beauty hygiene, perfect for those on the go or those who wish to give the ultimate client experience.

Certified by Dr Patricia Fenton MS BS, our hygiene system is positioned as an effective alternative to other professional hygiene methods, including the usage of traditional blue liquid disinfectants. 

Step 1 - Detergent Wipes (50x wipes)

Step 2 - Disinfecting Wipes (50x wipes)

Step 3 - Dry Cloth (1x)


- Store your tools in a clean and dry pouch until next use

- Cost per treatment is 24p when using all three steps

- This system is an alternative to blue style disinfectants

- Biodegradable and Vegan Friendly


MSDS available by request

Individual Hygiene Box - Step 1
Individual Hygiene Box - Step 1