Delivery Update

July- August 2020

As many of you will already know, due to the global crisis surrounding COVID19 we are likely to continue to experience some disruption for the next coming weeks,  right now our main priority is ensuring that any disruption's are kept to a minimum and we communicate with you as much a possible.

We are seeing similar questions every day so we thought it may be a good idea for us to pop a list of FAQ over to you to give you peace of mind and reassurance that we are doing all we can. 
  • Please can you tell me when when my item/s will arrive? As I am sure you can imagine lead times are changing daily as we leave the lockdown, therefore to avoid confusion we are unable to give any lead times for orders. We would advise following the original lead time and expect delays up to 4- 6 weeks.  Please rest assured that we will be fulfilling ALL  outstanding orders as soon as the stock is ready to leave.
  • I've waited past the original lead time, what's taking soo long?  We had no production for 10 weeks due to COVID restrictions and are now trying our best to catch up, please don't worry we haven't forgotten about you, we will be adding extra treats to all of those that have experienced longer than expected lead time orders.
  • My order is showing as dispatched a few days ago but it hasn't arrived? Royal Mail are under immense pressure too, if your order hasn't arrived after 5 working days of being dispatched please email us -
  • Lots of items are out of stock when will they be back in stock?  We are doing all we can to restock items but of course COVID has caused delays to manufacturing as a whole so things take time, please please be patient we promise to keep restocking as much as we can as soon as things arrive. 
  • Will you send my items together or split them up and send as they're ready? We  are currently sending items as they're ready and we will do this at our own cost until we have caught up. 
  • Are you still taking new orders?  Yes, our manufacturing sites are back up and running and therefore we are accepting new orders, the lead times we give on the website are the most accurate at the time of purchase. Please make note and use them as a guide and they will gradually reduce over the coming weeks.
  • I ordered a in-stock item and it hasn't arrived yet? All orders of in-stock items are currently being  processed within 2-4 days, we are a family ran business and are still working under COVID restrictions. The safety of our team is paramount.
  • If I order a Pre Order item today when will it leave?  If you purchase a pre order item these items all have their own lead times within their descriptions on the website. We recommend these date guidelines are followed firstly with the expectation that this date may be extended due to Covid 19.
  • Have you forgotten about my order? Please rest assured if you have an order it will be on our system and it will not have been forgotten about, we work methodically and treat all orders as a priority.
  • I have another question who can I speak with? If you have a question or need to rant ( as we all do sometimes)  please don’t hesitate to pop us an email - OR call us on 0114 303 5141
As a family ran business we genuinely cannot thank you enough for your support and understanding during this time. We look forward to coming out of the lockdown on a high, but in the meantime our absolute priority is to get through this and we can only do this with you by our side. 

Team Navy