Martha - Nail Paddle

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Introducing Martha our small nail paddle tool. Martha is used to remove and clean crevices around and under the nail. Martha has been handcrafted to British Standards and also has our unique titanium coating which ensures optimum hygiene.

With the perfect precision and grip for nail prep and maintenance our Martha nail paddle is a staple tool for any professional nail technician, manicurist and pedicurist and the hygiene conscious consumer.




Further info;

Martha is a paddle designed to clean under and around the nail, she has a small spoon like paddle which scoops up dead skin. Holding your Martha tool the same way you would hold a pencil; keep your grip light but firm. Place the edge of the paddle against the nail plate and gently with no pressure, scoop around the nail plate and wall scooping up the dead skin residue. 

If using Martha causes any pain or discomfort you are applying too much pressure.

Not all nails are the same some will not gather any dead skin residue. By carrying out this step correctly will ensure better retention. This can be done before every manicure or pedicure.  Always ensure the tool is perfect and without any imperfections. If the paddle is damaged do not use.



Martha - Nail Paddle
Martha - Nail Paddle