Edith - Pedicure Knife

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Introducing Edith our Pedicure Knife, Edith has a perfectly contoured edge to sit flush against the skin. Edith is handcrafted to British Standards and has our unique titanium coating which ensures optimum hygiene.

Our Edith has been specifically designed as a tool suitable for product removal during pedicure treatments. 

Edith, is the ultimate tool for Beauty Professionals, her perfectly angled blade is perfect for the removal of product without scratching the skin, leaving perfectly clear skin.

Edith is similar to a traditional foot blade but should not be used in the same way, her is blade is more rounded off therefore and not suitable for cutting away dead skin. 


Top tips

Edith is similar to a traditional pedicure knife however she should not be used in the same way, she is designed to simply remove dead skin during a pedicure treatment. Holding your Edith tool the same way you would hold a knife; keep your grip light but firm, 

Always ensure you practice before using on a client so you’re familiar with the tool.

Place the edge of the tool flat against the skin and gently with almost no pressure, glide the tool over the product lifting off the product residue.  If this causes any pain or discomfort you are applying too much pressure. Not all products are the same, some will be removed with ease and others won't. 

Always ensure the edges are perfect and without any imperfections.

Registered Design. IPO.Gov.UK

Edith - Pedicure Knife
Edith - Pedicure Knife