Essential Oil Blend

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Essential Oil Blend 


Introducing our Essential Oil Blend. Aromatherapy and diffuser oils play a profound role in wellness practices by fostering a sense of wellbeing and elevating mood.

To elevate your experiences, simply pipette a few droplets of these regal essences into your beloved diffuser. Allow the rich, natural scents to disperse gracefully into the environment, creating a soothing symphony of fragrances that will ensconce all who enter.

The calming aromas work on the premise of olfactory stimulation, relaxing the mind, lowering stress levels, and even fostering a better night's sleep. So whether you're crafting an environment of relaxation after a day of intense work, seeking a moment of solitude, or wishing to offer your salon clients an immersive sensory experience, these diffuser oils serve as your aromatic allies. 


- Made in Yorkshire

- 10ml


SDS available here

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