Sandra - Extend Detail Tweezer

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Meet Sandra, our super precise extend detail tweezer. Sandra has been handcrafted to British Standards with our unique titanium coating which ensures optimum hygiene.

Our Sandra detail tweezer is an essential tool for any professional lash artist, providing impeccable precision and grip for applying eyelash extensions. She is ideally suited for 'pre-made' fans and light volume. Although small in size, never underestimate her capability. This tool is made by a professional and designed specifically for professional use.

Additional Information

When using Navy Lash Tweezers, practice caution due to their sharpness, use them in well-lit spaces, and replace protective caps after use. Handle the Alice tweezer like a pencil with a firm, light grip, and ensure to practice before using on clients for familiarity.


Sandra - Extend Detail Tweezer
Sandra - Extend Detail Tweezer

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