Carol - Angled Tweeze

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Introducing Carol our angled brow tweeze, Carol is handcrafted to British Standards and also has our unique titanium coating which ensures optimum hygiene.

With the perfect precision and grip for brow shaping and maintenance our Carol angled brow tweeze is a staple tool for any Professional Brow Artist and hygiene -conscious consumer. Carol is best used to remove stubborn hard to reach hairs.

Further info;

When using navy brow tweezers always be cautious of the sharp edges. Always use brow tweezers in a well-light work area and always replace any protective caps after use. Holding your tweezers the same way you would hold a pencil; keep your grip light but firm, always ensure you practice before using them on a client so you’re familiar with the tool.

Carol - Angled Tweeze
Carol - Angled Tweeze

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