Prep Powder

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Navy Prep Powder


Introducing our Prep Powder. Transform your manicure routine with our Prep Powder which is specifically designed for thorough nail preparation.

This unique formula gently scented with the iconic Navy brand scent, effectively cleanses the nail surface, removing any oils or residue that can interfere with the application of nail polish or other treatments.

With a compact micron size, it penetrates the small crevices in the nail surface, ensuring a complete cleanse, as well as highlight parts of dead cuticle, leaving your hands and feet smelling and feeling soft.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with Navy Nail Prep and with your daily hand and foot care routine.


- Made locally in Yorkshire

- 70 grams


We are aware of the longstanding debate surrounding the use of talc and issues in the US regarding the presence of asbestos in an unnamed brand of talcum powder.

This history and the need for safety were at the front of our minds when we developed our talc-based product, for use by manicurists and beauty professionals, in late 2023.

Our Navy Prep Powder has been certified both by the raw materials producer and by a qualified, independent professional safety consultant as safe for cosmetic and personal care use.

As with all products, please use our Prep Powder in line with directions.

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