Step 2 Navy Hygiene Box

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Introducing our NEW individually wrapped hygiene system. 

Perfect for those on the go or those who wish to give the ultimate client experience. 

Step 2 - Disinfecting Wipes (50 individual wipes) - Contains 70% alcohol

We recommend using the following alongside the Step 2 Wipes - 

- Step 1 - Detergent Wipes (50 individual wipes)

- Step 3 Dry Cloth - (x1)  

Approved by Dr Patricia Fenton MSBS (NHS Trust Director of Infection & Prevention Control 2002-2013)

Cost per treatment - £0.24p when using all 3 steps. 

This system is an alternative to blue style disinfectants. 


Biodegradable  & Vegan Friendly

Step 2 Navy Hygiene Box
Step 2 Navy Hygiene Box

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