Tool Warranty

Our guarantee to you... 
We are so confident about our products that all of our tools come with a FREE 12 Month Warranty from date of purchase.  
Please see section 1 below for what our warranty covers.
Please note: Our warranty does not cover misuse or accidental damage. 
Please note if tools are sold, the warranty is Non Transferable and will be void. 
Each tool has a batch number which identifies when it was purchased when they were manufactured, and when it was finished. (Your batch number will be similar to this example - L23-164-0986) Every Navy tool will hold a distinctive coating marking which is completely normal and a sign of quality not that of a fault. 
Our warranty is non-transferable.
The warranty period begins at 00.01am of the delivery date.
Terms & Conditions of the 12 Month Warranty:
1 - Our 12 month warranty covers manufacturing defects. 
Should such a defect occur, and a fault is determined by an inspection, Navy Professional Ltd will assume the costs of the repair and replacement of the defective parts or the entire tool. The warranty excludes cost of shipping and taxes.
Parts or tools replaced will become our property.
If the tool/s cannot be repaired they will be replaced with a like for like option. No refund for tools will be given. 
2 - Damage due to normal wear and tear or improper handling of the tool is excluded from the 12 Month warranty, this includes improper cleaning practices including the steeping of tools for long periods. All tools are inspected to our 9 point inspection policy before being dispatched. This ensures all tools arrive are a high level of quality. 
3 - The 12-month warranty does not apply if improper changes were made or improper service work was performed, or if third-party parts, accessories or consumables were used. In these cases Navy Professional Ltd provides no warranty for the resulting consequences.
4 - Warranty claims will only be acknowledged once the tool is returned to Navy Professional HQ. In case of a warranty claim, we request that you send in the tool, together with proof of purchase, and a brief explanation of the fault. We will not accept any responsibility for lost items.
Please send any returns recorded to - Navy Farm Walkeringham DN104NB. We hold no responsibility for returns until they arrive at our HQ.
5 - The granting of warranty service does not result in an extension of the warranty nor does it mark the start of a new warranty period.
6 - Our 12 month warranty only currently applies in the UK. 
7 - The legal or agreed-upon warranty claims are unaffected by the warranty. 
8 - All aftercare guidelines must be followed strictly using the Navy Hygiene range. We do not recommend the steeping of Navy tools in blue-style disinfectants or hypochlorous
9 - Navy tools should only be used as intended, For example; cuticle nippers should only be used for trimming cuticles. Misuse of the tools WILL cause the tools to blunt prematurely. 
10- Navy Professional Ltd will not cover the cost of returning items from outside of the UK.
11 - All chemical damage is excluded from the warranty this includes blue-style disinfectants,  hypochlorous and hydrogen peroxide. 
12 - Reprocessing Guide must be followed when reprocessing our tools. 
Navy Professional Ltd reserves the right to change the warranty conditions.
Warranty claims made before this change remain unaffected by this.
For more information or to discuss our 12-month warranty further please email us at: