Beryl - Basic Nips - PRE ORDER

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Introducing Beryl our basic clippers, Beryl has been designed as a strong sharp implement to trim tough nails. She has been handcrafted to British Standards and has our unique titanium coating which ensures optimum hygiene.

With nothing basic about Beryl she has two hand finished blades for the perfect precision for nail maintenance. Our Beryl is a staple tool for nail professionals and the hygiene conscious consumer.


Top tips 

To avoid ingrowing toe nails it is important to cut your toenails straight across. For many people, this is easiest to do in two cuts - the first one with the clippers slightly off the side of the nail to create a straight edge; the second to remove the rest of the nail following the line of the straight cut. Always ensure the bladed edges are without any imperfections. If the blades are damaged do not use.

Beryl - Basic Nips - PRE ORDER
Beryl - Basic Nips - PRE ORDER