The industry is changing...

Today we return from Professional Beauty - North Exhibition in Manchester Central. 

It is fair to say we have walked the floors of many professional hair and beauty expos, including the London Olympia Beauty Show just a couple of weeks ago, but one thing we have noticed is that something strange is happening… 

The usual format was in play, with excited groups of beauty professionals gathering at the doorways ready to see what the industry has to deliver, groups of half dressed promotion clad leaflet distributors handing out leaflet after leaflet of the latest NEW teeth whitening craze, and even the semi naked man covered in glitter made an appearance … but one thing that was very strange was the lack of visitors & key exhibitors … 

Where is everyone? 

 We began to wonder around and the more we took in the atmosphere the more it dawned on us that in the space of a year the industry has changed dramatically.

For decades it has been the norm to attend the bustling shows, watch demonstrations, and hear the sales pitches of the latest beauty craze but with a obvious decline in visitors and exhibitors we must ask ourselves why? social media taking over? do we have a lack of NEW products and services? or could it be that the industry has outgrown the expo tradition? 

With the likes of The British Beauty Council taking shape and key industry players like Nouveau Beauty Group and Sweet Squared creating their own set of rules, have we seen the last of the beauty expo tradition or are we just on a break? 

One thing is for sure we know the industry is changing and we feel it’s for the better. 

New Rules, New Expectations & NEW STANDARDS. 

Let us know your thoughts..