The Beauty Of Holiday Giving

The Beauty Of Holiday Giving

 The Beauty of Holiday Giving

The festive season may only come around once a year but The Beauty of Holiday Giving continues. 

With the festive season just around the corner, we remind ourselves Christmas is a time of giving and what better than a gift that just keeps giving! 

As a company we love to use our platform to highlight topics that are close to our hearts and this year we are proudly supporting a charity which is close to our hearts - The Yorkshire Children’s Centre. 

‘I love the Christmas-tide, and yet, I notice this, each year I live; 

I always like the gifts I get but how I love the gifts I give’ Carolyn Wells 

Yorkshire Children's Centre is dedicated to supporting young children and victims of domestic abuse. Improving Lives - Inspiring Change.

We will donate £5.00 for each bear sold. 

Studies show an increase in domestic violence related police incidents during the holidays and with an ever increasing amount of children seeking refuge by charities like Yorkshire Children’s Centre we knew as a company would like to focus our platforms to help raise awareness. 

According to a report by ‘home for good*’ in 2019

Over 37,000 children and young people will enter the care system. 

That’s 102 every day!

There are around 101,500 children in the UK who are looked after away from home. 

Nearly 70,000 children live with almost 55,000 fostering households across the UK.

The Beauty of Giving does not always mean the gifting of lavish pressies on Christmas day, but also giving of gifting things that doesn’t cost a penny, here’s our top gift ideas which we think will be greatly appreciated…

  • Pop round to your neighbours with that extra mince pie 
  • Donate surplus food to your local food bank 
  • Plant a tree or plant  
  • Offer your postman a hearty snack or a top up of tea for his flask to keep them going
  • Donate any extra blankets to an animal shelter 
  • Offer a lift to any elderly or less abled neighbours who may struggle with their errands. 


This year rather than throwing a lavish Christmas party we are dedicating our event budget and time into turning our Navy Educate Cottage into a Santa’s Christmas Grotto in order to raise funds for YCC. 

On Sunday the 5th December everyone is welcome to come down and join us for a mince pie, mulled wine and meet Santa!