Summer Nail Style

At Navy Professional, we're not just about setting nail trends, we're about empowering our customers to become influencers. With input from professional and celebrity manicurists, we're here to help you confidently plan your summer nail style.
Bare & Healthy
For those who adore bare, healthy nails, we've got you covered. It's all about maintaining well-shaped nails, free from splits and ridges, and keeping them hydrated. And achieving this isn't as tough as it sounds. Keep nails short to prevent breakage, especially if you're prone to using them as tools for everyday tasks. Just like your hair and skin, your nails need a variety of nutrients to thrive. While a balanced diet helps, our Vitamin Nail Treatment, infused with Vitamin E, works wonders in fortifying nail health and enhancing strength. And let's not forget about our not-so-secret weapon, the Kate File – a must-have for achieving that enviable glass-like shine.
Prefer a splash of color? 
All shades of green are predicted to dominate this summer. Step out of your comfort zone and get experimental! With many brands offering a spectrum of green hues, from vivid to pastel and zesty lime tones, there's something to suit every style.
Credit @emmajacksonnailartist
Chrome 2.0
An office favourite chromes, now dubbed Chrome 2.0, remain as popular as ever. Embrace shades of pearl, silver, metal, gunmetal, and bronze. These versatile colours serve as perfect complements or bold contrasts to your favourite jewellery pieces.
Credit @raelondonnails
In the fashion and makeup world, one trend stealing the spotlight this summer is Balletcore. Picture nails reminiscent of delicate ballet slippers, featuring soft shades of pink and milky whites. Want to elevate this delicate look? Consider adding subtle nail art for an extra touch of elegance.
Credit @matejanova
No matter your style preference, it's essential to care for your nails. Keep your cuticles hydrated with a nourishing oil or balm like Navy Cuticle Balm, and moisturise your hands regularly. Your manicurist will appreciate it, as it provides them with a better nail canvas to work with. If you prefer to do your own nails, explore our Bare Collection – specifically designed to enhance, repair, and protect natural nails.