Spring into New Standards


Spring  (Verb)

- to rise, leap, move, or act suddenly and swiftly, as by a sudden dart or thrust forward or outward

As the temperature turns warmer and the trees begin to bud, Spring defines a rise, leap, dart for new beginnings, and let’s all face it after the past 12 months we are all deserving of a fresh start. 

 Spring is renown for ‘Spring Cleaning’ and what better way to get back into our salons than a big clear out! Goodbye Mrs Smith’s toenail clippings hiding in the light fittings, adios to Janice’s generous donation of Quality Streets that sit stale on the reception desk. 

Let’s don our NEW Lucy Apron and give our salons the love they have missed during lockdown. As proper Yorkshire lasses we have curated a check list of all those must do jobs along with a cinch style shopping list of all our fav cleaning products. 


New to Navy Hygiene? 

Start as you mean to go on and help set new hygiene standards, Navy Hygiene was created specifically for beauty salons by Dr Patricia Fenton MB BS (NHS Trust Director of Infection & Prevention Control 2002-2013) Navy Hygiene is the perfect companion for Beauty Professionals, used in more than 50 countries worldwide, Navy Hygiene is a 3 step system which cleans and disinfects tools and surfaces between treatments. A quicker and effective replacement for blue style disinfectants. 


Rebecca (Navy Pro Founder) worked with Dr Patricia Fenton MB BS (NHS Trust Director of Infection and Prevention Control 2002-2013) on the development of the brand’s hygiene system.  Patricia - “The beauty industry is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world. It’s serious business, and so hygiene and quality tools are now of paramount importance. The Navy Pro range plugs this gap and it’s about time too.”


Rebecca concludes: “Now is the time to ensure beauticians and technicians are carrying their tools with pride. No longer is beauty the high school drop-out career choice, but an industry which is free from discrimination and limitations, where you can choose what success you want simply by how hard you wish to work. I’m confident that this range of tools will help professionals across the globe take their careers to the next level, safe in the knowledge that they are compliant with the highest of quality standards.” 

Its time to spring into New Standards