Spring Beauty Treatments

The time of year when spring rolls around, a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be and we are definitely ready to swap big winter duvet coats for sunglasses, dresses and bikinis. 
Your body and skin are very sensitive to change and that includes seasons, increased UV and warmer temperatures so it is important to keep up. 
Introduce change slowly to your self-care and beauty routines this Spring with our Spring beauty treatment ideas and give yourself some seasonal TLC. 
Spray tan (instead of sun beds) - It’s not like we need to convince you, but it’s definitely getting to that time of year when you should treat yourself to a spray tan again. Lift your spirits, boost your confidence and get that sun-kissed glow! (Without endangering your skin or health by using sun beds)
Waxing - Now it’s getting warmer, body waxing is a must (even more so for pre-holiday skin prep). While going for a wax is more painful than shaving, it gets easier with time and if you prefer to be fuzz-free then it’s definitely recommended. 
Go for a French manicure/French pedicure accompanied by a luxury spa pedi - No more winter stress for you, get yourself a manicure or a pedicure. Boost your nail health, increase your blood circulation and have some well-needed ‘me’ time. 
Eyebrow shape and tint - Start saving some time on your Spring morning makeup routine and enjoy a professional brow shape and tint and enjoy having flawless brows with less hassle. Let your skin cash in on the benefits too of using less makeup on your face. 
Intimate waxing - Put down the razor and start waxing now before you go to the beach in summer, it will definitely make it less painful the sooner you start. If it’s been a while since your last intimate waxing session then have a clean-up, take a warm bath the night before and pop some pain relief 30 minutes before your appointment. It’ll all be worth it.