New Year New Beauty New Planet

The New Year often gives us a time to reflect and rebalance after the chaos of the festivities. 


As a team we have decided to dedicate our energy into providing you with a hub of tips and tricks to keep your physical mental and social wellbeing recharged and prepared for the year ahead. 


After the intense few weeks you will find your energy sluggish and your mood deflated so here’s some hints and tips to stay on track. 


Breathing  - When you feel your energy levels dipping, deep breathing exercises can help you feel refreshed. Taking a few deep breaths can be instantly energising. It gets more oxygen flowing around your body and crucially, to your brain. As well as helping to feel more lively, this is also great from a detox perspective (as you’ll see later on!) You can find many apps that will assist with this however just simply finding a quiet comfy room and absorbing the nature around you should be more than suffice. Finish your breathing exercises with a glass of water. 


Selfcare - The winter months can take their toll on your skin, and this can encourage it to look dry and dull. 

Exfoliating can help to get rid of dead skin cells and help your inner radiance shine through. After this, the right balance of skin care products can brighten your complexion and refresh your skin. 

Tired-looking eyes can make your face look dull, so this is a great place to start. 


Here’s a list of some of our favourite skin care products. 


Eat Well Feel Well  - Your body naturally detoxes itself, so the main aim is to support its efforts and make detox more effective. 


Some tips for this include:  

  • Drinking plenty of water can help to flush out toxins. It’s also very important for staying energised. Even being a little bit dehydrated can drain your energy levels.
  • Eating a diverse range of whole foods to get plenty of vitamins and minerals. If there are any gaps in your nutrition, you can fill these in with high-quality supplements. 
  • Deep breathing (from your abdomen, rather than your chest) helps to stimulate your lymphatic system, which is very important for detoxing more efficiently.


Get Organised  - Often exhaustion can stem from the lack of organisation in your life, by planning a routine and sticking to it cause be much better balance, get a diary and stick to it, don’t over commit or over promise, these can cause unnecessary stress you do not need. It’s also good practice to ensure you find time for self care. This could be for a long soak in the bath or 5 minutes yoga. It could just be to hide from the kids dog and husband for 10 minutes. Just find time fo you! 


Perception - Remember social media is 10% reality and 90% smoked glass. Do not compare yourself or your life with something that is not real. Do not feel like you have to compete, there is more to life than a picture perfect house, pristinely dressed children and a well trimmed woofer. Live your life, make memories and hustle hard. You only get one chance.