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Introducing Helen. Helen is an 8mm bladed cuticle nipper.

Helen is the size of a standard sized nipper. Handcrafted to British Standards, Helen also has our unique titanium coating which ensures optimum hygiene.

With the perfect precision and grip for intricate cuticle removal, nail services and maintenance.

Our Helen fine cuticle nips are a staple tool for any Professional Nail Technician and the hygiene conscious consumer.  



Top tips

Helen nippers are a standard size nippers, with fine blades designed specifically to nip off the fine edges of dead skin from fingers and toes. It is important you never cut the live skin surrounding the nail bed. Besides causing damage to the living tissue over nipping can also damage the protective "seal" between the nail and the finger inviting dirt and infection.

To remove excess non living tissue, position the nippers just above the area where the hangnail is attached to the skin and very carefully nip once. Never pull on the skin if it doesn't come off right away. If you are using them correctly it should never hurt or draw blood. Before using Helen on a client always practice on yourself first. She is very sharp, always replace protective cap.


Please note you will be charged when your order is placed. 


Registered Design. IPO.Gov.Uk - except no imitations

Helen - Fine Cuticle Nips - PRE ORDER
Helen - Fine Cuticle Nips - PRE ORDER

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