The Women Behind Navy

It’s International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating by embracing and shining a light on the inspirational women behind Navy tools. 
Did you know that each and every Navy tool is named after a woman who has hugely influenced and inspired me throughout my life and my career in the beauty industry? I’d like to introduce you to the leading ladies who have been instrumental to me and are at the very heart of Navy: 
Meet my great grandma Alice, she was wise in knowing what is needed to be successful and enriched me with good old fashioned principles and manner. She always said that “good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.” This is the wonderful woman who our extend curved tweezer; Alice  is named after. 
Alice is the perfect tool offering pinpoint precision for gripping and placing eyelashes extensions, and/or crystals and nail decals. 
My heart just bursts with love for my daughter, Hettie, who drives me to leave a legacy and also inspire future business women. I am so passionate about being able to set a good example for my daughter and instill in her that you should always love what you do. This is the lovely little lady our precision point tweeze, Hettie is named after. 
Like no other tweezers in the industry, Hettie has the perfect grip and precision for brow shaping and maintenance and is a staple tool for any professional brow expert. 
Nicknamed Hyacinth after 'Mrs Bouquet' from the TV sitcom Keeping up Appearances, my dear mum (Karen) taught me that it’s impossible to please everyone and you must always be yourself. She also made me super meticulous with cleaning! 

My grandma Jean is the only elderly lady this side of Yorkshire that the bingo hall is afraid to let in. She is a brave risk taker, with a motto to suit: “if you dare nothing, nothing can be gained.”  My bingo veteran grandma inspires the name behind our extend straight tweezer, Jean. 
Jean is the ideal tool for eyelash extensions and/or nail art with perfect needle point precision. An absolute must for isolation and both classic and volume lash techniques. 
My dear friend and work colleague Katie, is the reminder that no matter what the circumstances, one must remain professional at all times. “Being positive in a negative situation is not naive, it is leadership darling” is Katie’s amazing mantra and I couldn’t agree more. Our 4mm balded cuticle nips, Katey, takes her name from this positive and lovely friend. 
Our Katie super fine nips offer perfect precision and grip for professional nail technicians and are ideal for intricate cuticle removal, nail services and maintenance. 

“In order to keep your balance love, you got to just keep going”  - these are the beautiful and encouraging words from my nan Sandra. She gives me her allotment to escape to when times get a little tough; a safe haven, and she is my constant reminder that one must just keep going. She is the name behind our super precise extend detail tweezer, Sandra. 
Sandra is perfect for eyelash extensions and is a staple tool for any professional lash artist.
My husband’s nan, Sheila is the calmest, kindest person I know. Nanny Sheila taught me that patience is a virtue and that motherhood isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding.  She advised me that “Great work is performed not by strength but by perseverance”, and now I know truer words have never been spoken. Sheila, our slanted tweezers are named after this wonderful human being. 
Perfect for brow shaping and maintenance, Sheila is a staple tool for professional brow artists, and is like no other in the industry.  
These are some of the key women and influences behind Navy, and I’d just like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to them, amongst many others. Why not take some time, today especially, to celebrate each other and the wonderful professional women who are positively contributing and working in our amazing, often undervalued beauty industry.
Let's continue carrying out incredible work and supporting each other to take our industry to new heights. 
Lots of Love and Happy International Women’s Day
Rebecca. x