'Take care of your nails at home' - by Katie Millington

Hey you! You're here because you want to take care of your nails, right? 
This may be because, once again- we're responsible for our own nail care at home- and missing our Beauty Professionals!
Whilst we should always look after our nails at home- the monthly professional manicure usually does all the hard work for us. But now, whilst the salons are temporarily paused, you may want to know how to keep those claws tamed and neat ourselves until they re-open again! I can help you with that...
By now, it is likely you have removed/ soaked off any product you had applied in December, but if you still need an at-home gel soak off kit- you can purchase them here - please don't pick off your gels, trust me- it ain't a pretty process!
After product removal- or in general in the depths of winter- dry, sore hands, cracked cuticles & weakened nail plates can often be common concerns, particularly when your hands are subject to the additional hand washing & sanitising we are currently experiencing!
Clients have been asking me how they can look after their nails at home during lockdown, and how to improve the condition of their cuticles.
Now when it comes to professional nail care, anyone who has ever booked their manicure with me, knows that I only use the best tools the industry has to offer: Navy Professional. 
Founded in Yorkshire by an experienced industry professional, Rebecca Crawforth- Navy encompasses the very best of the Beauty industry, with quality manufacturing- results driven formulations and a strong focus on New British Standards. 
Every single product Navy create is sourced and created with the upmost attention to detail, their signature gold finish is now an industry-wide symbol of Navy excellence. I have been a Navy customer from the moment they launched in October 2018, and I still get butterflies when a Navy parcel is delivered! The postman even knows the excitement his delivery of that crisp, white (amazingly scented) box will create, and does a mini drum-roll before handing it over!

The Perfect Match...

My love for exceptional beauty products, combined with my experience of absolute Navy product excellence- have lead me to be the first retailer to launch a brand new, one of a kind, Navy Professional At-Home Nail Care Kit! Including everything you need to shape, smooth & nourish your nails and cuticles- you will also enjoy the signature Navy scent: rose, sandalwood, amber, and orange blossom... I cannot begin to explain how incredible their brand scent is! You need to experience it to believe it- and soon, you can!
I am proud to be an Official Navy Retailer, and look forward to launching this incredible kit for you to use at home! Sign up to my newsletter here to be the first to know when the newness launches!
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Love Katie