New Year, Fresh Start?

After a whirlwind of a year we begin to ask ourselves will this new year bring more motivation for change, or be as disappointing as the rise of Rebecca’s Yorkshire Puds on Christmas day…? 
After not a great end to the year much of the country is feeling a little deflated and dreaming of the day we can leave the house without having to worry if we have packed a mask! 
As a brand we have felt the brunt of delays and restrictions but the hardest part for us has been hearing from our customers of the difficult times they have faced. Laying off staff, not able to pay their bills and even worse, closing their salons for good. 
We thought this years New Year blog must bring love and light to those who may need it, those who are ready to jump the last hurdle those who will not allow this pandemic to take the best of them. 
Here our our top tips for getting back on track in the New Year and not only owning your career but rising with passion ambition and power! 
  • Write it down - make a plan along with a list of actions you need to take, then make sure tick them off, you cannot progress without knowing where you are going. 
  • Connect with your customers - new and old, pop a message, text or email and remind them you and your business is still open and you cannot wait to have them visit you.  
  • Deep clean and organise - get into your salon and make it into a happy place, add plants and colour. Make it a pleasant place to work. Cut up you cotton pads, fluff your cushions, buy new blankets, make it an inviting space. 
  • Review your services and margins, are you making money from your current services? are you providing a service which you would be happy paying for? Us your navy planner to map out your margins and see what perhaps can be changed,
  • Get inspired, with the Internet full of inspiration go find things that inspire you and let it reflect in your work, try new techniques, step out of your comfort zone. 
  • Avoid things that make you question your abilities, forums, groups can be deflating and make you feel inadequate, try to remember we are all at different stages of growth and on different paths, it’s not a competition its your career and the only person you are here to impress is yourself. 
There is no doubt in our mind we will pull through this as a industry, we are all in this together and together we will rise. 
Sending love from Yorkshire 
Team Navy