Navy | First Edition

Navy | First Edition

Isn't beauty all about the finer details? Well, here at Navy Professional, we believe so. That's why we've created our new table book. Beautifully designed and filled from cover to cover with gorgeous, high-resolution images, it's a visual love letter to the world of beauty.
"Our table book is more than a collection of images. It celebrates uniqueness, highlights beauty's power to transform, and underscores our commitment to inspire." - Rebecca Crawforth, CEO of Navy Professional.

Be it brows, skin, lashes, or manicures, we've got it all, right alongside exclusive peeks behind the scenes at Navy events. This is more than just a feast for your eyes - it's about celebrating the enjoyment that comes from beauty.

Turning the first page is like stepping into an intimate backstage tour of beauty craftsmanship. Fascinating images capture the elegance of freshly manicured nails, the careful precision of perfectly shaped brows, the captivating glow of pure, healthy skin, and much more.

But it's not only about the visuals. Every page is a testament to our dedication at Navy Professional to making beauty accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 

This table book is not just a compilation of pretty pictures. Instead, think of it as a handheld showcase of our beliefs: the idea that personal care should always come first, that beauty has endless forms, and that every image has a story to tell. If you love beauty, you'll want this book on your coffee table, in your salon waiting area, or as a special gem in your collection.

Take a break, have a cup of Yorkshire tea, and flip through the pages and let yourself appreciate the care and the transformative power of beauty.    
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