Fall for Beauty

Fall for Beauty -  Beauty for All 
Once a niche it is now a necessity for us to become more male inclusive. 
With countless treatments available for men it is time we reviewed our offerings to ensure we are inclusive for all and that we remove the stereotype that men are not welcome in salons. 
With male grooming worth more than £500 million to the UK economy is it time that as businesses we review our marketing strategy and treatment offerings? 
With brands offering more and more male focused products and courses, its super simply to adjust you offerings to suit. 
Skincare - with many brands offering product specifically for men it is super simple and low cost to adjust your treatments to make them more appealing for men.  We love Demalogica Facials for men.  
Mani’cures  - with men forever sourcing the best tools for their nail care we know first hand how important is it for men to be able to access mani’cures.  We are huge advocates for male nail care and for this reason all of our products are unisex. Nail art is also trending  and considered as the new tatoo’s for men.
Lash Treatments -  With men often having lovely long and thick lashes we would recommend considering including lash lifting to your treatment menu. We love LVL by Nouveau Lashes, with 3 different shields you can offer just minor adjustments to enhance your male clients lashes. 
Brow Treatments - Bushy but tamed brows are everything right now, giving definition and enhancing natural beauty, threading plucking and waxing ,male brows can make such a difference. We love Jamie Long from HD Brows tutorials - watch here 
Waxing - Male waxing is such a great way to add a string to your bow, with back, leg and chest waxing some of the most requested male  treatments, you can also train in male intimate waxing. Charging as much as £150 per treatment, male waxing is a viable treatment addition. 
With the stereotype that the men visiting salons is not a normal occurrence it’s important to ensure we as beauty professionals are marketing our services to ensure we are inviting and open to all . 
We can do this by simply rewording our copy such as adding in #MaleWaxing #ManManicure #MaleGrooming and associated words. 
Also by uploading imagery which includes men and male specific treatments will give the target audience confidence in your offerings
Throughout Autumn we are dedicated our marketing strategy to men and male focused treatments
As an industry its time for change its time to Fall for Beauty 
Fall for Beauty - Beauty is for ALL .