A Beauty Professional in Lockdown - By Jen Jones

What day is it again?
If you’d have told me at the beginning of this year that I won’t carry out a single treatment on a client for weeks and I’d have to queue to get into Tesco two metres away from people wearing masks, I’d have laughed in your face! But here we are.
At the start of all this before we knew how serious the situation was, I saw so much worry and fear in our industry. Do I stop working and struggle to pay my bills? What if I risk carrying on and spread the virus to a client or my family? The guilt of either decision was hard too bear for so many. 
Then lockdown came. I was actually so relieved this awful decision, that was tearing people apart, had been taken away from us and we didn’t have to feel guilty anymore. It was no longer a choice. We had to stop.
So, after all the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, I knew I needed to stay positive. My husband, Paul, is a key worker and my parents live with us so staying positive and doing everything we can to stay safe is a necessity in our home. Our grandparents were called to war; we’re being asked to stay at home and do nothing to save lives. We’ve got this!
Now I don’t know about you but my normal routine consists of waking up at ridiculous o’clock, school runs, clients, not eating properly, being a parent, clients, not having time to wee, more clients and generally putting myself at the bottom of my list of priorities. Before this, I was lucky if I even got two consecutive weeks off work! All of a sudden I could just stop, stand still and take a moment.
I was motivated. I had all this free time; I could achieve so much. All the household jobs that I never had time for. Spending ample quality time with our 11yr old, Jake. Keeping in regular contact with family, friends and clients. Creating great content for my social media. Getting my skin healthy as I don’t have to wear make up. Long dog walks. The list goes on.
Fast forward a few weeks and my main questions are “Is alcohol an essential item?” and “At what time of the day is it acceptable to start drinking?” My roots, lashes and brows are so hideous I look like I’m an extra out of ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. Never mind no make up - no bra! None of my clothes fit me. Don’t ask me if I’ve watched a programme on Netflix. I’ve watched ALL OF NETFLIX! 
The new normal.
I also have a whole new found respect for teachers! Never again will I allow anyone in my presence to utter the words “Teachers have it easy getting the holidays off” or “they should work all year round”. THEY TOTALLY DESERVE IT!!! THEIR JOB IS HORRIBLE!!!
On a serious note though, I know this situation has created so much uncertainty for everyone. How do I cope with this for so long? When is this going to end? Please remember, it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. We are all in this together. If you’ve got up and made your bed this morning, you’ve achieved something. 
I think this experience has taught us what is valuable in life and to make more time for ourselves, our family and what is important to us after all this is over. I will certainly have a new outlook moving forward.
Personally, I have never been more proud to be part of this incredible industry. We have all come together and raised each other up. Our profession should no longer be undervalued and viewed as an easy option. Our clients will definitely vouch for that right now! 
So remain positive, take this time to prepare for returning to work and do what is right for you.


You’ve got this. We’re here for you.