Dry Cloth - Step 3 - (MultiPack)

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Dry Cloths - Multi Pack 

Introducing Navy® 'Dry Cloths' (multipack x3) to be used as Step 3 of our NEW hygiene range. 

As part of our NEW standard of professional beauty hygiene, our multipack 'Dry Cloths' come in a packs of 3 highly absorbent washable cloths.

Approved by Dr Patricia Fenton MS BS our NEW hygiene system is in replacement for other professional hygiene systems including the use of the traditional blue liquid disinfectants.  

Step 1 - Clean - using a Navy Step 1 wipe
Step 2 - Disinfect  - using a Navy Step 2 wipe
Step 3 - Dry  - using a clean 'Dry Cloth'

Dry cloths can be used repeated throughout the day to ensure your clean tools are dry and moisture free.
To clean simply pop them in a 30 degree wash, dry and reuse. 
Instructions for use: Following the Navy '3 Step' hygiene process, simply wipe your used tools with a Step 1 wipe ensuring all dirt, product, and residues are removed and all areas are covered. follow this with a Step 2 wipe ensuring all areas are covered. Complete by following Step 3 and dry using a clean 'Dry Cloth' ensuring you remove all moisture. 
Store your tools in a clean dry pouch until the next use. 
Follow the above process before every treatment.
Please refer back to our 'Best Practice' guidelines for further information regarding cleaning of tools.