Professional Lash Kit - PRE ORDER

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Professional Lash Kit 


Introducing our NEW professional Lash Kit, perfect for all professional Lash Artists - Included in our kit box are the following items

Jean - Straight Tweeze - L2 

Alice - Curved Tweeze - L3 

Sandra - Detail Tweeze - L4  

Mary - Isolation Tweeze - L11 

Barbara - Double Ended Multi Tool - L12 

Doreen - Light Straight Scissor SSL - PRE ORDER (Will be sent separately) 

Rose - Straight Scissor SCL - PRE ORDER (Will be sent separately) 

FREE Percy Pouch (worth £9.95)


Please note some items may not be in stock and may be sent separately. Kits can not be split and items cannot be swapped




Professional Lash Kit - PRE ORDER
Professional Lash Kit - PRE ORDER