Martha - Nail Paddle

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Meet Martha, our small nail paddle tool. Martha is used to remove and clean crevices around and under the nail. She is handcrafted to British Standards with our unique titanium coating which ensures optimum hygiene.

Our Martha nail paddle, known for her unparalleled precision and grip, is indispensable for nail care and maintenance. This essential tool is ideal for professional nail technicians, manicurists and pedicurists, as well as consumers who prioritise hygiene.

Additional Information

Martha is a paddle specifically designed for cleaning under and around the nail. This tool features a small, spoon-like paddle that gathers dead skin. When using Martha, hold her like you would a pencil; the grip should be light yet firm. Position the paddle's edge against the nail plate and, without applying any pressure, gently scoop around the nail plate and wall to collect dead skin residue.

If using Martha results in any discomfort or pain, you're likely applying too much pressure. Please note, not all nails will have dead skin residue. Conducting this step correctly will ensure improved retention. This procedure can be done before every manicure or pedicure.

Always inspect the tool to ensure it's flawless and free of imperfections. If the paddle is damaged, refrain from using it.

Martha - Nail Paddle
Martha - Nail Paddle