Dry Cloth - Step 3

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Dry Cloth

Introducing Navy 'Dry Cloths' to be used as Step 3 of our NEW Navy®Hygiene range. 

As part of our NEW standard of professional beauty hygiene, our 'Dry Cloths' are  highly absorbent washable cloths.

Approved by Dr Patricia Fenton MS BS our NEW Navy® Hygiene system is in replacement for other professional hygiene systems including the use of traditional blue liquid disinfectants.  

Step 1 - Clean - using a Navy Step 1 wipe
Step 2 - Disinfect  - using a Navy Step 2 wipe
Step 3 - Dry  - using a clean 'Dry Cloth' 
Dry cloths can be used repeated throughout the day to ensure your clean tools are dry and moisture free.
To clean simply pop them in a 30 degree wash, dry and reuse. 
Instructions for use: 
Following the Navy® '3 Step' hygiene process, simply wipe your used tools with a Step 1 wipe ensuring all dirt, product, and residues are removed and all areas are covered, follow this with a Step 2 wipe ensuring all areas are covered, complete by following Step 3 and dry using a clean 'Dry Cloth' ensuring you remove all moisture. Store your tools in a clean dry pouch until the next use. 
Follow the above process before every treatment.
Please refer back to our 'Best Practice' guidelines for further instructions if required.