Nipper - Spring Fault

Autumn 2020

Because COVID wasn't testing enough this year... 

It has sadly come to our attention that a small batch of Helen and Katey nippers have been fitted with the incorrect style of springs, this could potentially mean the springs prematurely fracture under the pressure.

As a brand we accept the fault and have a plan in place to ensure the issue is resolved as efficiently and timely as possible, whilst also having the least impact on you, and your business. 

If your nippers are laser marked with either of the below batch numbers OR you have experienced any problems with the arms of the springs we ask you to not worry and please follow the simple instructions below.

Please note the repair will be carried out under warranty with no cost involved to yourself. 

Unfortunately these things do happen and from such issues we will grow and improve, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused, please rest assured we now have procedures in place to ensure the issue is resolved and we thank you for your understanding and corporation. 

Batch Numbers  - NP18 - NP20 
Purchased - October 2018 - March 2020 

Please note not all nippers have been effected by the fault and those purchased after March 2020 will not be effected. 

Step One - Log the fault with our production team by emailing please ensure you include your original order number, full name and where possible an image of the nipper. 

Step Two - You will then be asked to send the nippers to our designated repair centre, you MUST include a completed warranty card OR a note of the original order number, please also include your full name and address. If this information is not included you run the risk of your nippers being lost or unidentifiable on arrival. We also ask for the safety of our staff that you please pre clean your tools before sending. 

Step Three - Your tools will automatically be sent back to you as soon as they have been repaired. this can take 3-7 working days 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are my nippers effected? 

Firstly are you having any issue with the spring? Are there any cracks in the surface layer or are they popping out of place? If so, Yes your nippers maybe effected, please follow above instructions. 

I can't find my batch number? 

Your batch number can be found lasered onto the tool, it may start N18 or N20, the batch code is the only other mark on the nippers other than the Navy logo. 

My nippers are blunt do they need sending back too? 

No the issue solely lays within the springs, if your nippers need sharpening we would advise you to book them in for sharpening service, which you can find more info here.

 I have had my nippers more than 12 months can I still send them back to have the springs repaired?

Yes the warranty covers the said batch of nipper springs for 3 years after initial purchase as it is a manufactures fault. 


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us via email or by phone 0114 303 5141