Yoga & Well-being Workshop

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Introducing our seasonal Yoga & Well-being workshop hosted in partnership with Emma Rodgers from Emma Leigh Yoga 

Enjoy a relaxing Yoga & Well-being workshop with Emma, accompanied by fresh local refreshments all on the grounds of Navy Farm. 

A transformative workshop that combines yoga, meditation, journaling and breathwork focused around the theme of 'Letting Go'.
Starting with the physical practice of yoga, we will gently flow through poses that release emotional and physical tension from the body, allowing you to drop any resistance you are holding onto. This will be followed by journaling exercises that will encourage self-reflection, providing a safe space to release anything that no longer serves you and creating space for new possibilities. We will finish with breathwork designed to release tension through the body and find balance within yourself, before gently dropping into a cosy guided meditation where you will rest and reset.

Location - The Snuggery - Navy Farm 

Time - 10am - 2pm  

Requirements - Guests should be 16+ years old

Yoga & Well-being Workshop
Yoga & Well-being Workshop

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