Samantha - Pinching Tool

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Introducing Samantha, our Pinching Tool. Samantha is handcrafted to British Standards and has our unique Titanium coating which ensures optimum hygiene 

With the perfect pinch for creating the perfect C curve our Samantha Tool is a staple tool for any professional nail artist. The enhanced C curve will give strength and durability to clients with a flat nail plate.

Caution - Always ensure you control the pressure evenly

Top tips 

When using navy tool always be cautious of sharp ends. Use all tools in a well-light work area and always replace any protective caps after use. Holding your tools the same way you would hold a pencil; keep your grip light but firm, always ensure you practice before using on a client so you’re familiar with the tool.

Samantha - Pinching Tool
Samantha - Pinching Tool

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