Bare Nail Treatment

Introducing our NEW Bare Nail Collection | Specifically designed nail treatments to enhance repair and protect your natural nails. 


This formulation is enriched with biotin to optimise the repairing effect, ensuring efficient restoration of the natural nail plate. 
For best results; 

Begin with our Erase cuticle remover to ensure the base of the nail is super clear and free of any n tissue, Erase can be used in conjunction with Doris tool and following this a Dolly Cloth to ensure the bed is clean and squeaky clean.

You can then add a treatment such as Vitamin, Grow OR Strength.

You can then finish the nail with Base and Coat or with your chosen gel product. 

Also worth noting if you choose to use Vitamin you can also add a layer of Strength Or Grow on the top before applying base and top if you need some extra strength or growth. 

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