NEW Dolly Cloth

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Dolly Cloth 

Introducing the Dolly Cloth, a reusable manicure cloth designed to gently exfoliate and clean the nail bed in preparation for either a treatment or product to be applied. 

The gentle exfoliation of the nail bed post prep will leave the nail plate perfectly clean and ready for product or treatments without the use of a dehydration product. 

Lets go back to beauty basics - let's squeak!  

Minimal Product - Perfect Prep - Better Retention 

Available in a duo or multipack 


Duo Pack = x2 Washable Cloths (x1 duo pack)

Multi Pack =x10 Washable Cloths (x5 duo packs)

NEW Dolly Cloth
NEW Dolly Cloth
NEW Dolly Cloth
NEW Dolly Cloth

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