Together we shall unite…

Together we shall unite… 
 Being a beauty professional for 15+ years and working as a owner ,employer, and trainer, the one thing that is clear to me is that as Beauty Professionals we have contributed to an industry which has grown in size and revenue year on year and we must be proud
 As I've said before , it frustrates me to hear the cliche that beauty is a ‘high school drop out’ career choice,  I have many friends in the industry that make incredibly good livings, and although some people may think we ‘paint nails all day’ or ‘stick on eyelashes’ we actually are one of the fastest growing industries in the UK and not so far behind the motor trade! 
Another cliche in the industry is that as a predominately women environment we are renowned for being ‘catty’… yes really lol 
I ask myself, and you… As the world grows into an acceptance of difference and diversity can we not all just embrace each others skills and ambitions? Can we not unite and be rid of these cliche’s? 
Can we applaud Helen from Top Nails for her new founded ambassadorship with a crystal company, and thank Mary for showing us all her individualist approach to gel polish application?
 Can we not recommend other Beauty Professionals instead of fearing they may ‘steal’ clients?  or share someone else work without the fear they may gain more followers? 
 Can we not accept clients can give the most ludicrous excuses without screen grabbing them and sharing on group pages for all to see?  
 If we all had a little more confidence in what we do, embrace each others skills and accept that we work in a industry where our clients can be a little hard work at times ,surely it would make our industry a happier place to work?  
...and just maybe by us all having more love and respect for each other it would have a domino effect on the rest of the industry, setting new and much needed standards for the generations to come…
Together as a industry we must unite embrace and empower each other. 
 Positivity breeds positivity… 
 New Rules, New Expectations & NEW STANDARDS. 
 Let us know your thoughts….