New Year, New Standards

It’s a new year, a new decade and time for new standards in the beauty industry.

 For those of you that have already discovered the benefits of using Navy Professional Tools you will know that hygiene was very high on our agenda when developing the tools. Coupled with a desire for high quality and a drive to encourage beauty professionals to invest in the tools that are the very essence of the treatments they offer, Navy Professional was born.

So we now ask, what are you doing this decade to drive your standards even higher?
Will the twenties be the decade that you ‘banish the blue’ and choose to take your tool hygiene to a whole new level?
If so, it’s definitely Navy that you need!
Our tools have a special coating that can reduce bacteria and protein adhesion and, to support the highest levels of infection control, our hygiene wipes deliver easy, three step cleaning after each and every use.
New standards in tool hygiene?  ✔︎
Or, will the twenties be the decade that you ‘tackle your tools’? The best quality tools allow beauty professionals to deliver the best quality treatments and if that’s your career goal this year, then it’s definitely Navy that you need!
Our tools have been specifically designed to give precision in whatever they have been designed for – lash, nails and brows – we’ve got it covered.
Tool quality? ✔︎
It’s worth remembering too that we are proud to be part of a professional trade.
It employs over 1 million people and contributes £18 billion pounds to the economy annually, so I ask the question - Why are we using tools which are not fit for purpose and why are we stuck in old hygiene practices?
Navy - a brand created on professional precision and hygiene – is here to stay and here to make a difference.
Support our Navy mission to change the industry and let’s set new standards together