Beauty School Drop Out - By Faye Dennis

‘Everyone! I’ve decided I want to go to beauty school!’…
Now if reading that instantly sparked the image of me with pink hair whilst girls in tinfoil rollers sing ‘beauty school dropout.’  Then we need to stop that stigma right here right now, as beauty school isn’t what you all might think it is and here’s why…
In 2018 I came to the decision that I wanted to attend beauty school as when looking onto my future I felt that university didn’t have the right atmosphere for me, but now came the tough decision. Do I stay at sixth form and pretend that university is the route for me and follow the majority? Or do I go against the stereotypes and do something that I feel passionate about?  
At this point, I was ¾ of the way through my A levels, and actually enjoyed my subjects therefore wasn’t looking at beauty school as a way out or the ‘easy option’, which it is sometimes deemed to be, as initially I wanted to pursue a career in physiotherapy. After going back and forth and back and forth with the decision, I did what any other indecisive person would do, which is both.  
I didn’t want to lose the years of work that I had put towards my studies, so decided to get the grades and keep them as a ‘Plan B’. That meant that whilst on study leave, the days that I did not have to attend sixth form, I went and enrolled to beauty school. 
So it came to my first day of beauty school. Would this be a pivotal moment for me and the start of my career? Or was I just stood outside a building with my freshly pressed tunic and brand new set of stationary from WH Smiths when really I should be studying for my A levels? All of these thoughts and emotions where rushing through my head, but I will let you into a little secret. I expected that when I walked through those big glass doors I was going to be greeted by a bunch of girls, similar aged to me who all decided that they wanted a carrier in the beauty industry. Well, boy was I wrong! 
Instead I was immersed into a group of individuals that were all different ages, all different cultures, with all different backgrounds. I met mothers who were looking for a career that worked around their family, 30year olds that wanted to do beauty as a side hustle from their 9-5 office jobs, and for them, they met me. An 18 year old girl that dreamt of becoming a ‘one stop beauty shop’. 
My journey had begun, but the surprises didn’t stop there! The Tests! ‘Dun Dun Duuuunnnnn… In the back of my mind I always knew that we would have to do the odd test here and there, alongside just a smidgen of theory. Well, let me tell you for the majority of the course you are sat down with a great big book in front of you trying to remember whether the maxilla bone is above or below the mandible on a diagram of a skull, which is now ironically, engraved into mine. This shocked me as this was the sort of thing I was learning in A level biology? It made me see beauty as more of a science instead of just a treatment and maybe beauty school actually helped me pass my A levels all along!
It is now a year later and at 19 years old, I can proudly say that I work for myself doing a job I adore in a beauty lodge based at the bottom of my garden. I have found my passion as a nail artist as it allows me to be creative and pushes me to think outside of the box and best yet I get to work in my slippers!
My three top tips of advice would be:
  1. Don’t be afraid to do something different ~ as no one has ever made a difference by being like everyone else!
  2. Dream big, work hard and make it happen ~ you will only see change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone
  3. Last but not least be kind ~ your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card and how you leave others feeling after having a treatment with you becomes your trademark. 
with love Faye