Hygiene First by Shelley

Hygiene is everything...
Well hello there, my name is Rochelle but everyone calls me Shelley and I am the newly appointed hygiene ambassador for Navy Professional. I have been in the beauty industry for around 11 years and running my own business for just under 9. I have worked in a couple salons during my training, rented space in a salon, had my own salon and I currently work from a customised beauty room within my home.
Basically, it’s the only job I have ever known from leaving school and I always say that it’s in my blood. It was my first love and all I ever wanted to pursue from being a little girl. I look back at my 10 year old self and remember that first ever issue of ‘Sabrina’s Secrets’ that included a silver nail art pen... I was hooked! 
Over the years I have watched the beauty industry grow and have always kept a close eye on industry developments - following America’s far superior hygiene practices and regulations, while trying to implement them into my business to the best of my ability. I have always felt that the UK needed something, anything to be more hygiene conscious. Then in November ‘18 I stumbled across Navy’s Instagram Page and I must say, I have never seen a brand so passionate for change within the beauty industry. There and then, I just knew I had to be a part of it. I could see it was going to be revolutionary... 
As beauty professionals we are in a position of trust, we must have our clients best interests at heart at all times. Unfortunately I don’t feel this is emphasised enough within training environments; consequently this can lead to poorly educated therapists, often through no fault of their own.
With bacteria resistance at an all time high and Sepsis on the rise; we must do everything in our power to ensure that ourselves, our tools, our working areas and our equipment are as clean as possible at all times. Up until this point, poor tooling and time-consuming hygiene practices have just been accepted. With people focusing on the end result, over what is used to get there. 
Recently aired was a documentary titled ‘the truth about... antibiotics’ (BBC1) reported by the wonderful Angela Rippon.  Similar to Angela who contracted superbug ‘TB’ when she was younger, I also contracted ‘MRSA’ when I was 15. As a result of this, I have always had to be vigilant with my own personal hygiene.
During the documentary Professor Susan Lea shows a hand washing demonstration that lasts 20 seconds. She explains that if everyone does this regularly and correctly it will keep bacteria from spreading, along with reducing resistance in the future. Can we all say we were taught to do this before and after every client when starting out in this industry!?
Why is our beauty industry not regulated properly?
Why do we not have hygiene ratings like our food industry?
People become ill from food poisoning and can just as easily become ill from beauty implements or surfaces that have not been cleaned thoroughly enough, or hands that have not been washed properly (if at all!) 
For some reason, it seems that beauty has been based primarily on the aesthetics of the finished treatment; opposed to the underpinning foundations of hygiene, health, safety and environmental factors that all go into what we do (or should do) on a daily basis. 
Why can’t it be both you ask? 
Well now it can...
You all deserve the best & I believe Navy, is just that.
Shelley x