Fall in Love with The British Manicure

 It’s time to reclaim and fall in love with...
The British Manicure

American, French, reverse French, Russian… the list goes on when it comes to different types of manicures, but what about British? Clean, classic and natural, it’s time to embrace British when it comes to our manicures, and get back to basics on what a beautiful manicure is truly about.

Let’s start by taking it back to basics. The key to a British manicure is undoubtedly...prep. In order to achieve the optimum finish we have to start from the very beginning; as we mean to go on. It’s all about creating the perfect base, and to do this it’s as simple as following the 10 steps below;

10 Steps to Nail Prep Perfection
  1. Consultation:  Carry out full consultation using Navy consultation card.
  2. Clean and Sanitise: Wash and sanitise hands using Navy handwash.
  3. Clear - Clear off any existing product that may be left on the nails
  4. Shape - Shape the nail to desired shape ensuring you do not seesaw the file and lowering file git for smooth edges
  5. Nourish - using a warm cloth nourish the nail in gentle circular motions softening cuticles and gentle exfoliating
  6. Push & Nip - Using your Navy tools gently lift off any excess non living tissues and hang nail
  7. Buff - Using Navy nail buffer gently remove any ridges lowering the file until the plate is clear and until you lift to a natural shine
  8. Shine - Using Navy nail buffer gently lift to a natural shine
  9. Product - Apply chosen product according to to manufacturers guidelines
  10. Balm - Using an applicator tool apply a small bead of Navy balm to the skin surrounding the nail, massage until it absorbs into the skin.


(Image Credit - @gel.bymegan and @thedailynail)

Did you know the word ‘manicure’ originates from the Latin word manus, meaning ‘hand’ and cura which translates as ‘care’? With care and perfect prep being at the heart of the British manicure, there’s no doubt we need to start embracing our beauty heritage and take pride in bringing our very own manicure to the forefront. Let’s fall in love all over again, with our very own perfect and beautiful manicure.

Who’s with us?