Do we all have a clear conscience?

Today is the beginning of a dream I have had for many years, a dream that has taken me across the globe in search for answers and lead me right back to my home town in Yorkshire!
After leaving school with a vague outlook on life I stumbled (and I say that with no exaggeration) into a career in beauty and fell in love almost immediately. I went on to own a couple of small beauty salons, employ a team of amazing girls and eventually went on to train for the UK's leading training provider. 
As a salon owner and trainer I would watch the latest trends, attend the expos, and invest into new products but over the years the one thing that struck me, was how the industry was evolving so rapidly but yet as a industry we were still using hygiene practices from the 80’s, and reliant on poor quality tooling.
We all know the text book ‘Barbicide’ steep and the unaffordable Autoclave, but never has our industry's hygiene practices had that basic but vital upgrade it needs.
Starring at that 2 day old disinfecting jar preying that Mrs Smith's probable fungal infection is irradiated before the next client walks through the door is not unimaginable lets all be honest.
Can we all honestly say that our tools have been 100% hygienic for every treatment we have carried out?
Those brow tweezers which drew a pin drop of blood from Mrs Smiths hair follicle? That cuticle pusher that removed a unidentifiable crust from Mrs Jacksons nail bed? And that pair of scissors that nobody uses 'enough' to disinfect but yet has a build up of bacteria that even modern warfare couldn’t destroy...
Do we all have a clear conscious?
We are a professional trade, a trade that employs over 1 million people and contributes £18 billion pounds to the economy annually, so I ask the question - Why are we using tools which are not fit for purpose? and why are we stuck in old hygiene practices?
Introducing my passion and commitment to a industry I love…
Navy - a brand created on professional precision and hygiene.
Support our navy mission to change the industry and lets set new standards together.
Love Rebecca x