All is Calm, All is Bright with Navy

The festive season comes around and invites us to remember the importance of self belief and reflection. 
Learning to enjoy the small things, appreciating our growth and to reflect on how far you have come. 
We remind ourselves Christmas is a time to gather together, be that with friends or loved ones, and stop being so hard on ourselves. 
Navy invites you too ‘ All is calm all is bright  - A campaign which has been curated to promote calmness, reflection and to encourage self love. 
As a company we love to use our platform to highlight topics that are close to our hearts and this year we are proudly supporting for the second year running  a charity which is close to our hearts - The Yorkshire Children’s Centre. 
Yorkshire Children's Centre is dedicated to supporting young children and victims of domestic abuse. Improving Lives - Inspiring Change.
We will donate £2.50 for each Advent Calendar sold. 
Studies show an increase in domestic violence related police incidents during the holidays and with an ever increasing amount of children seeking refuge by charities like Yorkshire Children’s Centre we knew as a company would like to focus our platforms to  help raise awareness. 
All is calm all is bright is a reminder that we must stop being so hard on ourselves and those around us, with the pressures of the world we encourage you to spend more time on things that make you happy. 
- Make time to visit old friends
- Enjoy some self love and time out
 - Don’t put too much pressure on yourself
- Set yourself little goals 
This year rather than throwing a lavish staff Christmas party we are dedicating our event budget and time into hosting two Christmas markets with some proceeds will be donated to YCC. 
On Sunday 4th December we will be in Bawtry Yorkshire 
On Sunday 11th December we will be in Beverley Yorkshire 
Everyone is welcome to come down and join us for a mince pie, mulled wine and meet the team!